10 Tips To Find A Reputable Online Pharmacy

Many people around the world save a significant percentage of their funds by ordering medications from an online pharmacy. This is especially useful and practical for those who regularly need medicines. Some pharmaceutical organizations even offer veterinary medicines. Legal Internet pharmacy has a large supply of medicines in order to serve clients as comfortably and quickly as possible. It is very easy to find the website of an online pharmacy; you just need to use the search engine, which will give you many pages of online pharmacies. But, it is not recommended to go to the first site and buy drugs immediately. First, you need to analyze several websites. Fake stores have settled down on the World Wide Web long ago and can disguise themselves as a standard online pharmacy to steal your money. To avoid scam sites, you need to perform a check.

trusted online pharmacyFirst, let’s consider the most popular signs of a fake online pharmacy:

  • The price is too low;
  • The pharmacy does not give a check;
  • The website looks unprofessional;
  • It’s not mentioned anywhere on the site about whether you can return purchases;
  • There is no actual address of the seller;
  • The company’s phone number is not listed on the site;
  • The seller’s rating is poor or absent. There are many online reviewers that post information about the rating of the seller and the comments of people who have dealt with it in the past. A large number of dissatisfied reviews is a serious reason for refusing to buy drugs. You can search for the name of the site or company on the Internet. If you see if there are no comments or there are dissatisfied customers, avoid this store. A trusted online pharmacy will most likely have a good online reputation and many positive reviews;
  • The pharmacy sells questionable drugs that promise miraculous healing from all diseases;
  • There is no history or description of pharmacy activities;
  • If you are offered to buy medicine without a prescription and you know for sure that this medicine cannot be sold without a prescription, then, most likely, this offer is illegal. Counterfeit medicines are usually harmless, as tablets are often made from rice flour. But they will not help you.

Why it is important to buy from trusted online pharmacy websites?

It’s important to choose reliable drugstores because fake pharmacies can send you drugs of low quality that can seriously damage your health.

Buying drugs from unreliable websites is dangerous because such medications may:

  • have the wrong dosage of the active substance (excessive or too low). That may either cause no effect at all or produce a very strong adverse reaction. Both cases are unwanted;
  • contain wrong active substances that cause adverse drug interactions or affect well-being;
  • contain additional components that are not studied and, therefore, are not safe for use.

In addition, fake online pharmacies can never provide correct storage and transportation conditions: they have no warehouses equipped with the necessary control systems. It reduces the efficacy of medication, even if they are supplied with high-quality products.

10 ways to make sure the online pharmacy is reputable

In order to be confident in the seller, you must carefully review the information provided on the official website of the online pharmacy before buying drugs. So, you need to pay attention to the following criteria :

  1. Check the pharmacy site for what it sells. The website must not offer medications that require very special storage conditions and/or transportation. A reliable Internet pharmacy will probably not sell them to you, because it is almost impossible to achieve compliance with all the requirements upon delivery, for example, to another country. Besides, reliable companies will not sell narcotic drugs or drugs that can be used only in the hospital – for example, drugs for chemical abortion;
  2. The difference in price is not more than 40%. If the cost of the drug is significantly lower than in other online or offline pharmacies, then the drug is likely to be a fake or it has already expired;
  3. The pharmacy has a physical address. Besides, the site must contain the city phone number. If the Contact Us section contains only a mobile phone number, then this is probably a one-day company operating illegally;
  4. The pharmacy must have a license. As a rule, online pharmacies place a license on their website to carry out pharmaceutical activities. If there is no license on the site, you can request information from the consultant. Obviously, you should not use the services of those pharmacies that refuse to provide a license;
  5. The drugstore sells drugs that have an FDA approval – rogue stores usually offer unapproved drugs that have not undergone clinical tests and are not safe for use;
  6. The website has a seal from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP). If you see this seal on the site, you can be sure the store is safe. It also means that all the products available there are licensed;
  7. The medicine will be sold to you only by prescription. Technically, the pharmacy can requirest for a scanned copy of your prescription sent by email or RX sent by fax;
  8. The website has instructions to the drugs and other useful information that can help you in the choice of medicines and medical equipment;
  9. Convenient search and sale of drugs is not less important aspect, if you visit the site and spend a lot of time searching for drugs, this is probably a bad pharmacy. Also, the site must contain “How to order?” section;
  10. If you still have any doubts, visit the FDA official website for more details about trusted online drugstores.

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