My Canadian Pharmacy Strategic Plan FY 2004-2021

Fundamental Route Plans:

The improvement of the service quality is a predominant aim

By Jule 2005, My Canadian Pharmacy will reach the status of a top quality distributor. Our aims are devoted to reaching a 100% satisfaction of customers leaving us reviews.

Surpass the competitors in clinical service

My Canadian Pharmacy strives to surpass competitors in clinical service quality. We have planned to gain more satisfied customers. The team is eager to sign agreements with reliable drug manufacturers. We believe these aims are possible to be achieved if we take all our efforts.

Increase and improve the share of the market

Our online pharmacy does its best to increase and improve the share of the market. Clinical services will be maintained. We will work out breakthrough programs and innovative technologies to meet international customers’ needs. Such a great share of the market will bring only benefits for customers who cannot afford to buy expensive brand-name medications.

Online doctor programs

Our online pharmacy will try to work out a program of an online doctor. The treatment will be more effective if you the main chain will be followed: doctor-patient-pharmacist.

Advance development of partnership

By June 2005, we will find several new partners, sign agreements and discuss the main aspects of our performance. Only the correctly worked out work may help achieve the satisfaction of our customers. Their health conditions will be improved by high-quality but low-cost medications especially if they will be able to undergo an online examination.

Financial performance improvement

My Canadian Pharmacy is developing daily to gain financial independence. We will strive to enrich our experience, our links and communications with our partners and customers. Only these aspects let us reach the fundamental objectives.