Canadian Pharmacy Follows 2019 Natural Drugs Trend

42% of US citizens and 70% of Canadians used the services of traditional healers at least once. What attracts residents of wealthy countries in natural remedies?

Traditional medicine is a field of science and practical activity, which aims to preserve and strengthen the health of people. Natural medicine combines the achievements of classical, official medicine, the richest traditions of traditional medicine of various peoples of the world, methods of nutrition, nutritiology and phytotherapy, that is, the prevention and treatment of diseases with the help of natural, mainly herbal remedies.

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Traditional (alternative) medicine evokes a wide range of opinions: from an absolutely irrational delight to skepticism, based more on bias than on reliable information. Meanwhile, the proportion of traditional medicine is very high in world medicine. For obvious reasons, natural remedies are very common in developing countries. In China, traditional medicine accounts for 40% of all medical services, and in poor countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Mali, traditional medicine is all that most people can afford in treatment, such as such a common ailment like malaria. However, traditional healing is in demand not only in the countries of the third world. In developed countries with advanced health systems, the popularity of alternative medicine is growing every year. What attracts residents of countries with well-developed economy and health insurance systems in traditional methods that are rooted in the age-old traditions of peoples, mainly from the Asian world?

Apparently, the primary role is played by the fact that modern medicine uses chemical drugs for the treatment of diseases that cause negative side reactions. “Many drugs cure one thing but cause another,” – patients say. Information about drugs and other therapies has become easily accessible to the majority thanks to the Internet, and doubt is a feature of the enlightened mind.

Increased life expectancy means that an increasing majority of the population is made up of older people, for whom the risk of chronic diseases such as heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases increases. Natural medicine offers milder approaches to the treatment of chronic ailments than modern medicine. According to the WHO report on traditional medicine, information has been collected on the high efficacy of some natural ingredients as immunostimulants, and this can be used in the fight against HIV infection. It also says about the negative reaction of allopathic doctors to such statements: they are worried that patients will refuse treatment protocols developed by physicians, which have proved their relative effectiveness and will lose precious time by accepting “some kind of weed” that have not passed clinical trials.

So, today we witness the revival of interest in various kinds of alternative pharmacotherapy treatment methods, which are based on the long experience of using the healing powers of nature. Alternative medicine is denoted by various terms: unconventional, traditional unorthodox, non-drug, natural, etc. The concept of natural therapy is the most acceptable, as it includes alternative medicine, ideological systems of human natural healing and folk healing. Natural medicine is the use of natural factors for medicinal purposes in natural or reformed form, as well as a person’s ability to heal oneself and heal others. The methods of naturotherapy include the following areas: aerotherapy, phytotherapy, hydrotherapy, heliotherapy, diet therapy, ergotherapy, homeopathy, thermotherapy, audiovisual therapy.

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Herbal remedies are better tolerated by the body than synthetic ones. They give fewer unwanted side effects. That is why we recommend that you try herbal preparations available at My Canadian Pharmacy. We sell various herbal products in a huge variety. Here you order natural medicines for treating colds and other diseases, getting rid of edemas of different origin, for relieving anxiety and other conditions.

What are advantages of herbal medication? The main advantage of drugs of plant origin is that they are based on various plants, which cells are similar in structure to substances formed in human cells. Herbal remedies are quickly absorbed and easily destroyed in the body. A variety of biologically active substances in the preparations ensures successful complex treatment. The advantages of traditional medicine also include: ease of use; availability of the form of the procedures: baths, poultices, lotions, inhalations, internal use. However, treatment with natural medicines should not be contrasted with the use of synthetic agents. Often plants contain substances that accumulate in the body and have undesirable side effects. Many of the natural compounds have high activity. They require special attention. Their overdose is unacceptable. Before starting treatment or prophylaxis with herbal-based natural medicinal preparations, you should consult your doctor. Remember that even seemingly harmless herbs can cause serious illness. An experienced doctor will give you all the necessary recommendations, examine you and will prescribe an adequate treatment. This will allow you to cope with various problems not only quickly but also safely!

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