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Customer Care Department

Customer Care Department is a new organizational form of providing assistance to enterprises in addressing the issue of labor productivity and enterprise employees in the timely detection and resolution of personal problems (health, marital and family relationships, substance abuse and emotional difficulties, stress, etc.), which may affect the success of their work. These programs make available qualified help for people who need it and are unlikely to receive it in a different format. The faculty is a professional, confidential resource for the company, its managers and employees, caring for employees on behalf of the company in the field of their personal and emotional problems and experiences. By providing a professional service system, teaching staff mobilizes the organization’s resources in accordance with the needs of its employees.

Convenience and safety

Assistance is successfully used in those organizations in which top management understands that funds should be invested not only in personnel training, but also in the development of a system of personal psychological comfort and stability.

The first employee assistance programs were related to the prevention and treatment of alcoholism and other forms of addiction. Initially, this was the task of external consultants, medical institutions, mental health and rehabilitation centers.

Modern employee assistance programs are focused on a wider range of human psychological problems; counseling and rehabilitation centers are created in the very structure of large companies.

Currently, many organizations offer assistance designed for all employees, and not only for those who have mental health problems, alcoholism, drug addiction, are experiencing family conflicts or do not find a common language with management.

The framework of these programs includes:

  • prevention of a healthy lifestyle;
  • stress management training;
  • support the health and well-being of all employees;
  • various social projects in solving family problems, raising children;
  • providing financial or legal advice to those employees who need it.


These measures provide the following benefits:

  • stability of the workforce and reduction in staff turnover;
  • well-being of employees in the workplace and their families;
  • increased employee commitment;
  • growth of individual and collective productivity.

Top focuses

The core activities of Customer Care Department include expert advice and training in identifying and resolving performance issues related to personal difficulties; confidential and timely assessment of problems, diagnosis, therapy, or referral to appropriate specialists; Formation of internal and external relations with resources available within the framework of Customer Care Department in the workplace and outside.

The systematic approach of the program to human resources, aimed at team and individual productivity and well-being in the workplace, creates an organizational advantage.

The programs are designed to help identify and resolve employee concerns that affect or may affect productivity, namely:

  • Personal problems – health, relationships, family, financial, emotional, legal issues, anxiety, addictive problems, etc.;
  • Work problems – difficulties at work, teamwork, personal and interpersonal skills, an imbalance between work and personal life, stress, etc.

Who can receive such a service?

As part of the Customer Care Department, services are provided to Company employees and the closest family members.


  • EAP operates in the interests of two clients: an individual worker and a company. Therefore, all the actions of the program are aimed at resolving conflicts between the employee and the employer, if they arise;
  • Services are free for employees;
  • Not only employees but also direct members of their families can use the services;
  • Applying to the Program is entirely voluntary;
  • EAP observes strict confidentiality, which is reflected in the Agreement with the company and complies with the requirements of the laws;
  • Most workers decide to use these services on their own, however, the program offers a certain administrative resource: in cases of repeated violations of behavior at work or decrease in labor productivity, the manager can send an employee to the EAP to identify the problem that has a negative impact on the performance of work and the search for a solution. The presence of such a service allows complementing the existing process of disciplinary measures with effective assistance.

Common services

  • Free telephone line and telephone number for accessing services 24 hours/7 days a week;
  • 5-10 consultations (full-time or by phone) on the presented situation. The number of calls is not limited;
  • Legal orientation – 1 for each case provided by phone;
  • Introductory meetings with employees on the use of the EAP services;
  • Training for managers in the direction of problem workers in the EAP;
  • Consultations for managers;
  • Assistance in the development of materials for workers;
  • Regular and annual confidential company reports on the use of EAP and recommendations for improving efficiency.

Additional notes

Personal and family problems are a part of each person’s life. Sometimes problems get too complicated and asking for help is the best thing you can do to feel better. Remember, the employer wants you to use this program whenever you have problems. Customer Care Department will be happy to help you.