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Our Pinpoints


My Canadian Pharmacy ensures high-quality and outstanding service in health care and well-being individually by means of teamwork, discussions and possible solutions to different problems.


My Canadian Pharmacy uses complex, reliable, innovative health care approaches ensuring and guaranteeing top quality, cost-effective primary and secondary health care options connected with other distributors.


  • Sympathy – a sensitivity to the human needs and ready to realize the plans to bring relief to the patient.
  • Holistic orientation -the understanding of the human person concept which contains spiritual, psychological, physical and social values.
  • Human dignity – in-depth and confirmed respect for all individuals ground on the equality before God and characterized by unique kindness and truthfulness for patients, co-workers and all persons we cooperate with.
  • Quality – an arrangement stimulus for being excellent, highly effective, innovated, able to work in the team, enrich knowledge regularly.
  • Service – our service will be recognized and acknowledged due to our success activities, perfect service and high-quality medications.

Who we are?

My Canadian Pharmacy is ready to deliver top-quality health care products that existed nowadays. We are eager to make people healthier as much as possible. In fact, we do not lose time speaking too much we prefer coping with our problems as fast as possible.