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My Canadian Pharmacy: Area of Work & Objectives

Welcome to our website!

We are proud of the exceptional professionalism and skill of our employees since one of the main factors that determine the success of our company is a close-knit team of like-minded people.

My Canadian Pharmacy has been successfully developing for the past 20 years, being one of the fastest growing and promising companies in the pharmaceutical market. We are actively adopting the experience of the best domestic and foreign companies, using the best international practices.

We value team spirit and cohesion! Only in a team can we achieve high results. The versatility of experience and knowledge create a common potential for the development of the company. All employees of the pharmacy are united by the idea and the goal: “To be the best company, both for clients and for employees”, to which we strive equally, understanding and supporting each other. Each of us is a strong link in the team. We value the reputation of the company!

My Canadian Pharmacy Address and Contacts

  • 7360 137 St, Surrey, BC V3W 1A3, Canada

What Makes Canadian Pharmacy Successful?

  • Reliability – accurate fulfillment of the obligations before clients and colleagues;
  • Stability – over 20 years on the market, dynamic growth and quality development;
  • Partnership – long-term relationships with more than 50 domestic and foreign suppliers.

We strive to always remain a successful pharmaceutical company that provides effective drugs that improve the quality of life and to be a company that is respected for professionalism and has a reputation as a reliable partner, supplier and employer.

We strive to comply with the principle of a constantly developing company that meets the requirements of the market and successfully opposes competition.

We work to provide the population with affordable, vital, high-quality drugs in the shortest possible time!

Our online pharmacy has established itself as a reliable and professional participant in the pharmaceutical market, striving for continuous growth!

online pharmacy

7 Reasons to Choose Canadian Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy has a number of advantages, including:

  • a wide range of drugs;
  • reliability and high level of trust among the population;
  • no breaks and weekends. We work around the clock, any day of the week. We do not have holidays and days off, which does not limit the choice of the desired medication in the time frame. You can make an order at any convenient time.
  • convenient drug search by category or letter;
  • affordable prices and low cost of delivery;
  • the opportunity to save money when buying medicines or medical supplies when buying in bulk or buying promotional items;
  • extensive experience and high level of trust

Top 5 bestsellers of My Canadian Pharmacy

1. Generic Viagra

Viagra is one of the most popular, effective medicines for improving erection. The drug provides fast and strong blood flow to the penis, increases the duration of sexual intercourse. The active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil citrate.

2. Generic Cialis

Cialis is well suited for men of any age. The active substance is tadalafil. The drug rarely causes side effects. The effect occurs 20-30 minutes after administration and lasts for 30-36 hours.

3. Generic Levitra

Levitra is often prescribed to men to restore potency in the pathologies of the cardiovascular system. The drug retains active for 10-14 hours. The active ingredient, vardenafil, has a strong effect, allowing you to maintain erection for a long time. The advantage of medication is low cost.

4. Kamagra

Kamagra is a generic (exact equivalent) of Viagra. The product allows you to achieve an erection and maintain it for much longer than usual. Kamagra is very popular in the world market, costs significantly less than Viagra and gives an absolutely identical effect. Moreover, Kamagra can give you the effect that you did not get from Viagra.

5. Viagra Professional

Viagra Professional is a potent drug for improving erection. The product is highly efficient due to the increased concentration of the active component sildenafil. This generic provides a massive rush of blood to the pelvic organs, resulting in a natural erection. The quality of an erection is reflected in the duration of sexual intercourse and bright sexual sensations. You can maintain an erection for several hours. An important condition is the presence of sexual desire.

Generics for men’s health have the same composition as traditional drugs that treat male sexual ailments. The only difference is that they are much cheaper and can be more effective. Traditional ED pills cost a lot of money at the expense of the promoted brand, while generics are sold at a significantly lower price. Why pay twice as much when you can get the same effective drug?

Top 5 Benefits of Online Pharmacy vs. Local Pharmacy

When choosing a pharmacy on the web, we recommend paying attention to our experienced and reliable online store. Customers choose online pharmacies for several reasons:

# Opportunity to shop around the clock

You can access online services with a computer, laptop or even a mobile phone at any time and from any place.

# Wide range of products

On the web, you can find even both common drugs (Viagra, Ibuprofen, Amoxil, Zithromax) and rare drugs like Ventolin, Cialis Professional, Kamagra Oral Jelly). Remember that before taking any medication, you should consult your doctor.

# Low prices

Internet stores cooperate directly with manufacturers or order large quantities of drugs. This makes them possible to sell products at a lower price. Besides, you have the opportunity to compare prices for various analogues of the medication and find the cheapest option. In addition, web stores offer discounts very often, which allows you to save even more!

# No queues

When using online services, you do not have to stand in a queue for 20 minutes. Besides, it may turn out that the desired medicine is not available at the moment. It’s unpleasant to waste your precious time!

# No need to hurry

When choosing a drug on the Internet, consumers have the opportunity to compare prices in several pharmacies, read reviews, delivery terms and get acquainted with other details of the pharmacy’s work. This is one of the most important advantages of online pharmacies, which cannot be found in the usual pharmacies in your city.

All these opportunities and advantages will help each client to choose the right medicine or medical product at the best price. My Canadian Pharmacy is the best option for maximum savings. Our company is popular among customers because it helps people save budget and valuable time.