Barley SNP Panel

Barley SNP Panel – inexpensive highly accurate barley genotyping service.

A novel barley Eureka Genotyping panel has been developed through a collaboration with the James Hutton Institute, Dundee, UK.

This panel enables affordable simultaneous screening of 400+ SNPs in DNA extracted from barley. The SNPs in the panel were chosen to maximize diversity among spring and winter barley germplasm. They are a subset of those on the iSelect SNP chip and have significant overlap with the Illumina BeadXpress 384-plex genotyping panel which has been used extensively across Europe (Moragues et al., 2010) and North America (Fisk et al., 2013). The panel includes SNPs designed to known genes responsible for many important traits including: malting characters, sucrose synthase, disease resistance, Mla; vernalisation, VRN-H3 and VRN-H1; photoperiod, PPD-H1; and row type. SNPs are distributed genetically across all seven barley chromosomes and, furthermore, show similar levels of diversity among a core set of US germplasm analyzed in the USDA funded Triticeae – Coordinated Agricultural Project (T-CAP). In a population derived from 2 parents only a subset of these will be polymorphic.

If the Eureka Genotyping panel does not provide enough SNPs for your purposes, we can design a barley panel for you.

For a complete list of SNPs included in the panel, please download the list here.

What does Eureka Genotyping need?

How soon will I get my results?

  • You will be sent an email notification that results have been loaded into the client account that you setup before submitting the samples.

In what format will the data be provided to me?

  • For each locus x sample, the genotype called is provided.

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Moragues M, Comadran J, Waugh R, Milne I, Flavell AJ, Russell JR. (2010) Effects of ascertainment bias and marker number on estimations of barley diversity from high-throughput SNP genotype data. Theor. Appl. Genet. 120:1525-34.

Fisk S, Cuesta-Marcos A, Cistué L, Russell J, Smith KP, Baenziger S, Bedo Z, Corey A, Filichkin T, Karsai I, Waugh R and Hayes PM. (2013) FR-H3: a new QTL to assist in the development of fall-sown barley with superior low temperature tolerance. Theor. Appl. Genet. 126: 335-48.

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