Life Tech Certifies 11 Additional Labs to Provide Ion Proton Exome Sequencing Services

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) — Life Technologies has added 11 new members from the US and Canada to its Ion AmpliSeq Exome Certified Service Provider program, the company said today. The new providers are Sanford Burnham in San Diego; SeqWright Genomic Services in Houston; Genewiz in South Plainfield, NJ; Affiliated Genetics in Salt Lake City; Eureka…

Barley Genotyping Assay

Eureka Genomics and the James Hutton Institute Collaborate on a Novel Barley Genotyping Assay HERCULES, CA, January 11th, 2013. Eureka Genomics is developing a custom assay for the genotyping of barley, enabling identification of over 400 SNPs in a single test. At $15.00 per sample, the assay will offer a low-cost opportunity for researchers to…

Eureka Genomics and Baylor Research Institute explore the role of John Cunningham virus in colorectal cancer

Baylor Research Institute Collaboration with Eureka Genomics Source: BioCentury Excerpt from a July 2011 Nature Biotechnology article

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