International Bovine Parentage Panel

Bovine Parentage SNP Panel – inexpensive highly accurate bovine parentage service

A novel bovine parentage Eureka Genotyping panel has been developed through a collaboration with ARS-USMARC.

This panel enables affordable simultaneous screening of 122 SNPs in DNA extracted from bovine tissue. The SNPs in the panel were chosen to overlap the SNPs in the ISAG core 100 (ISAG) and the “USDA – Mike Heaton” SNPs (Heaton et al., 2002). A prototype panel had a 99.64% relative genotyping accuracy in the first ISAG bovine parentage SNP blind comparision study.

If the Eureka Genotyping panel does not provide enough SNPs for your purposes, we can design a bovine panel for you.

For a complete list of SNPs included in the panel, please download the list here.

What does Eureka Genotyping need?

How soon will I get my results?

  • You will be sent an email notification that results have been loaded into the client account that you setup before submitting the samples.

In what format will the data be provided to me?

  • For each locus x sample, the genotype called is provided.
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Heaton MP, Harhay GP, Bennett GL, Stone RT, Grosse WM, Casas E, Keele JW, Smith TP, Chitko-McKown CG, Laegreid WW. (2002) Selection and use of SNP markers for animal identification and paternity analysis in U.S. beef cattle. Mamm. Genome. 13:272-81.

ISAG (accessed Oct 7, 2013).

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